We live in a fast-paced world and grow impatient when we have to wait for something. In today's sermon, Joseph finds himself waiting while in prison. He thinks he may have an opportunity to get out, but still has to wait. God had a plan and God's timing would be perfect. If you feel like you're waiting on God, be patient. God has a plan for your life that will be revealed at just the right time.

Living Life Inbounds

In today's sermon we learned how we can live life inbounds by living in the presence of God. Potiphar's wife tried to push Joseph out of bounds and disqualify him but he stayed in bounds by living in the presence of God. Culture today may try to push Christians out of bounds but you can live in bounds by living in the presence of God.

t's a Matter of Perspective

Today we started looking at the life of Joseph and that it's all a matter of perspective. Joseph's brothers hated and despised Joseph and through it all, Joseph didn't complain about his circumstances. He trusted God and God had a plan. Through it all, they saw hopelessness when God saw hopefulness. It's all a matter of perspective.

Moving Away From What God Wants

In today's sermon, we'll see what it's like to go from the mountain top to the valley. The Israelites neglected the Sabbath, giving their offerings, and their marriage vows. Nehemiah sees this and challenges them to live the holy life. Today, we'll see the damage of neglect and ways to overcome it.

Rise and Build: The Power of God's Word

In today's sermon, we looked at Nehemiah chapters 8 & 9 and saw the power of God's Word. God's Word is powerful. It was and is celebrated and has an impact. God's Word is convicting and calls for people to repentance. When we repent of our sin, we experience the presence and peace of God.

Rise and Build: Overcoming Discouragement in Your Life

Everyone faces discouragement at some point in the their lives. In today's sermon, the people of Jerusalem faced discouraging times yet Nehemiah rallied them and they overcame the discouragement they were facing. In today's sermon, you'll learn about different types of discouragement and how you can overcome them

Rise and Build: Change is Coming

Today we looked at Nehemiah 2 and the change that would come to Jerusalem. Change is all around us and in today's sermon, you'll learn the benefits of change and how positive change can come in your life.

Rise & Rebuild: When Heartbreaking News Comes

What do you do when heartbreaking news comes? Nehemiah received news that broke his heart. How did he respond? By praying to the Lord, seeking the Lord, being honest with God, and remembering the promises of God. These encouraged Nehemiah and will encourage you.

Heresies: The Holy Spirit

Today we looked at the Holy Spirit and who He is according to Scripture. We saw that the Holy Spirit is a person not a force, He convicts of sin and evicts sin, He anoints and appoints, He reveals the truths of God and seals us for all eternity, and He revives us and thrives in our lives. The Holy Spirit gives us power to live the Chrisitan live and live godly lives in an ungodly world.

Heresies: Sin and Salvation

Today we looked at the topic of sin and salvation. God is a holy God and cannot stand sin. Sin is sin in the eyes of God. We are all separated from God because of sin yet God through His grace has paved a way for us to be right with Him. Today we'll see that sin separates but God's grace liberates us.

Heresies: Who is Jesus to You

In today's sermon, we asked the question who is Jesus to you? The Scriptures tell us in John 1 that Jesus is God, He is the Creator and sustainer, He is the light of the world, Jesus is fully God and fully man. In this sermon, you'll discover who Jesus is.

Heresies: Do You Know What You Know

This week we looked at the importance of knowing the Word of God. God's Word is the inspired Word of God and reveals to us God's character and plans for us. The question four us today is do we know what we know about the Word of God.

The Final Days of Jesus: From Triumph, to Trials, to the Cross, to the Tomb

Today we looked at Jesus coming into Jerusalem and the celebration. Then we looked at His trial before the Pharisees and Pilate and then the cross, ending with the tomb. Through it all, Jesus gave His live so that we can have life.

The Final Days of Jesus: Assurances

Today we looked at John 14 and the assurances Jesus gives. He assures you that He has prepared a place for you, that He is the only way to heaven, that the Holy Spirit will comfort and empower you, and that you can have true inner peace through Him.

The Final Days of Jesus

Today we started a series called The Final Days of Jesus. Jesus was with His disciples at dinner and gave them for life lessons. These lessons are to love unconditionally, serve selflessly, love faithfully, and speak truthfully. These are lessons Jesus taught His disciples are lessons for us today.

Unstoppable: Faithful

In today's sermon we see Paul making his way to Rome in Acts 28 where he spends time under house arrest. Paul was faithful no matter the circumstances. In today's sermon, you'll see that God wants you to be faithful in your service, faithful in your focus, faithful in your message, and faithful in your mission.

Unstoppable: Gods Plans are Unstoppable

In today's sermon we looked at Saul who became Paul. Saul had his life planned out yet God had other plans. No matter what Saul did, God's plans were unstoppable. God has a plan for you life. Today you'll discover that your desires determine your destiny, your discernment determines your direction, your direction determines your outcome, and your determination determines your success.


Unstoppable: Riding the Wave

Today we looked at Acts 8 and saw that the wave of the gospel is unstoppable. We learned that God prepares the way, the Holy Spirit guides the way, and the Word speaks the way. Discover how you can ride the wave and experience God in a special way.

Unstoppable: Living the Bold Life

Today we looked at Acts 4 and living the bold life. Peter and John were arrested for boldly proclaiming the gospel. They understood that Holy Spirit power is greater than any earthly power and when they were told to stop, they prayed for greater boldness. When challenges to your faith come, understand that Holy Spirit power is greater than any earthly power.

Unstoppable: When Power Leads to Practice

Today we looked at Acts 2 and discovered that the power of the Holy Spirit leads to new practices. When the Spirit fell, the gospel was proclaimed with power, and new practices began. The Spirit impacted their lives and will impact yours.


Today we started a series called Unstoppable looking at the early church and how they were unstoppable. Today we see in Acts 1 that they would receive power from God and would be given a purpose and plan by Jesus. When the church today lives in the power of the Holy Spirit and follows the purpose and plan given by Jesus, it will be an unstoppable church.

Vivid: Redeemed and Renewed

Today we looked at Revelation 21:1-8 and saw that through Christ we are redeemed and renewed and that God has prepared a place for us that is redeemed and renewed.

Vivid: When the Setback Becomes the Setup

Today we looked at Romans 5:1-5 and discovered that setbacks become the setup for great things in our lives. Our passage today reveals that when we welcome difficulties and challenges in our lives, we will become stronger in our walk with the Lord.

Vivid: Selfish or Unselfish

Today we looked at what a selfish person looks like and what a selfless person looks like. A selfish person wants what is best for themselves whereas a selfless person looks for what is best in others.

Vivid: New Heart New Perspective

In today's message we looked at Colossians 3:1-17 and learned that our lives are transformed when we look upward toward Jesus, look inward to deal with our issues, and look outward with a new perspective. Your perspective will change when you focus on Jesus.

God's Plan for You in 2022

God has a plan for your life in 2022. Today, we looked at 5 things God has planned for you in 2022. Join us as we discover God's plan for 2022

Seeking the Savior

Today we looked at the Magi and their journey to see Jesus. They were fully committed to finding Jesus and when they found Him, they worshiped Him. We also saw the response of Herod. People either worship the Savior or they reject the Savior. What is your response to the Savior?

Heaven Comes to Earth

Today we looked at the birth of Jesus in Luke 2 and the announcement to the shepherds by the angels. It was and is good news that the Savior was born. Heaven came to earth that night.

Humbleness to Usefulness

Today we looked at Luke 1:28-36 and saw that Mary had a humble heart that was able to be used by God. Her humble heart was a useful heart. Today we discovered that God uses people who have humble hearts.

Heaven on Earth: From Messy Days to Glorious Days

Today we looked at the life of Joseph in Matthew 1:18-25 and how God took a messy day and made it into a glorious day. Today, you'll discover how God can take your messy days and turn them into glorious days.

How God's Love Can Impact Your Life

In today's sermon, you'll learn how God's Love Impacts your life. God's love will save you from your sin and impact you in ways you never thought possible.

Get in the Game: What Happens When God's People Sit on the Sidelines

Today we looked at a passage in Ezekiel and saw what happens when God's people sit on the sidelines rather than get in the game. God was looking for one person to stand in the gap and found none. In today's sermon, you''ll be encouraged to get in the game rather than sit on the sidelines.

Get in the Game: When Hidden Sins are No Longer Hidden

Today we looked at Psalm 51. David buried his sin and Nathan confronted him. His sin was no longer hidden. David got real with God, took an honest look at himself, and then confessed his sin. Only then, did he experience a new heart. In today's sermon, you'll learn how to deal with hidden sin in order to experience restoration in your life. .

Get in the Game: Do You Know Jesus and Does Jesus Know You

In today's sermon the question is asked Do you know Jesus and Does Jesus Know You. Many say they know Jesus but have never asked Jesus to forgive their sin. They may do good things in the name of Jesus but Jesus does not know them. For these, when they stand before God, Jesus will say depart from me. I never knew you. Do you know Jesus and does Jesus know you?

Get in the Game: Which Receiver Are You?

Today we started the series Get in the Game and looked at the Parable of the Soils. We saw there are 4 types of receivers; the intercepted, the fumbler, the butter finger, and the sticky finger receiver. Which receiver are you?

Sent by God

In today's sermon we looked a Luke 10 when Jesus sends out the 70. We saw the as Christians, we are sent into the fields to reap the harvest. We can do this confidently knowing that the harvest is great and abundant.

One Small Step: Advancing God's Kingdom

In today's sermon, we looked at what happens when God's Kingdom advances and saw that God's Kingdom advances when the gospel is shared. When the gospel is shared, it can literally change the world for the better.

Homecoming 2021

Today we celebrated over 170 years of ministry in Fort McCoy and welcome

Mark Weible our Associational Mission Strategist. as our guest speaker. It 

was a wonderful time of celebration. 

One Small Step: Discipleship Makes a Difference

In today's sermon, you'll learn the importance of investing in the lives of others and the impact it can have. In Matthew 28:18-20 we see that as Christians, we are to teach people about Jesus and reach people for Jesus so they can go out and teach people about Jesus and reach people for Jesus.

One Small Step What Happens When His Church Loves Like Jesus

In today's sermon, you'll see what happens when the church loves like Jesus. When the love of Jesus is shown in the church, it will become known outside the church.

One Small Step Share Your Story

Today we started a new series call One Small Step focusing on sharing the good news of the gospel. In this week's sermon, we'll look at three people who met Jesus, learn how their lives were changed, and the impact they made by sharing their story. You'll be challenged to share your story because when you share your story, God will get the glory.

Pray Like This When Answered Prayer is Delayed

In today's sermon, you'll learn the importance of praying for God's will to become your will and how that will impact your prayer life. You'll also discover reasons why answers to prayer may be delayed and the importance of continually praying until you receive an answer from God

Pray Like This The Benefits of Continual Prayer

In today's sermon, we look at I Thessalonians 5:16-18 and Philippians 4:6-8 and discover the benefits of continual prayer.

Pray Like This The Benefits of Continual Prayer

In today's sermon, we look at I Thessalonians 5:16-18 and Philippians 4:6-8 and discover the benefits of continual prayer.